Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Colonial Williamsburg - Governor's Palace

More pictures to bore - I mean, entertain you. :) These are of the backside of the Governor's Palace. I don't know why I never have pictures of the front of a building. Or maybe this is the front...

Lichen on the brick wall.

A pretty bench.

An entrance. Front? Back? I should have paid more attention on the tour.


Pretty gate.

You could walk through that tunnel in the back.

More of the gardens. I didn't get very far with this camera. The battery died. Again. I don't think it lasts very long. Although, thank your lucky stars, I am not putting up every picture I took.

I liked the gates, okay?

And the blue sky.

And the plants.

Did I mention the flowers?

And the palace itself?

The cupola?

And the gates.

I caught a cute couple kissing on the bench.

I love greenery against brick.

The end. For now. Possibly for good concerning this subject.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Mount Vernon

So I'm a little behind on blogging. This post goes back to weeks, but was definitely a highlight of our trip, so I wanted to post about it. We went to Mount Vernon. I'll skip the long story of how we got there. But we made it and I'm so glad we did!

Here's Bug and Mike with the house in the background.

Here's the group in front of us as we walked towards the house for the tour.

A very cool tree trunk.

There were lots of signs around with information. Here is the sign that told about how the wood used to build the house was made to look like stone. They were actually in the process of "rusticating" part of the house. We didn't get a picture of that.

The view from the back lawn.

Down the hill a bit in the same place.

To the side. Gorgeous view of the river.

The side of the back of the house. I put this one in so you could see how tall that tree was. Look at the itty-bitty people under it.

A full view of the back of the house.

Back to looking down the hill in the back yard.

A view of the back of the house from half-way down the hill. It was quite a steep hill.

A better shot of the tree.

I like trees. And hills, so long as I don't have to walk on them very much. Much nicer to just look at them. :)

Are you getting sick of this house yet? Sorry. There are people sitting in chairs on the back porch. Must have been a nice way to spend an evening, looking at the river with a cool breeze.

The covered walk-way from the house to the kitchen.

Another information sign.

And there is the riding chair itself.

Ivy looks pretty on brick.

A path leading down to the tomb where Washington was originally buried. He then was moved to another tomb by direction in his will. It just had to be built first.

More of the path. It was really beautiful.

There is the old vault.
And the reason I don't have a picture up of where he is actually buried now is because our camera ran out of battery. Sad day. But I imagine you are probably feeling grateful. After we saw his tomb, we also saw the gardens, which were really nice. The actually sell seeds and plants from their farms, which was tempting. There were two really neat museums that we walked through on our way back to the parking lot. All in all, a really interesting day!

Monday, June 13, 2011


The game started with a thunderstorm. Or should I say, did not start.

There was a tarp that covered the field. It took a rather large crew to clean it up.

They dragged it first off the field. Then, they folded it.

Here's more folding.

Still dragging.

Wide shot.

Players finally on the field only an hour late!

Cute pitch. :)

Batter up.


Bases loaded.
Grand slam. No joke. My first professional baseball game and I get to see a grand slam. Too bad it was for the team we were NOT rooting for. :)

There we are, watching the game.

Stat board. Took me only seven innings to figure out.

Stadium at night.