Monday, July 18, 2011

Overheard Conversations

I have always loved to write down the random bits of conversation that I hear. I thought I'd share today's.

Young man: You've NEVER heard of iambic pentameter?!

Old man: No.

Young man: Never?!!!

Old man: Nope.

Young man: It's a form of Japanese poetry.

I was laughing to myself about the first part of the conversation, but when the young man said that last bit, I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing out loud! The funniest part was he was so condescending about the older man not being as knowledgeable as he was.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kira, you'll be so proud

This is what I did yesterday.

I used a pattern. Kind of. But they turned out okay, yes? I was very proud of myself. First time sewing a pattern by myself. Ever. (Almost my first time sewing by a pattern for that matter.) Did I mention I was proud of myself? Okay, okay. I know it's probably not that big a deal to most of you reading this, but for me...

And my husband is a natural model. Lucky me! :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

July Challenge

Here we are into July and I have totally forgotten that means posting the challenge for this month. (Happy 4th of July, by the way! Hope yours is patriotic and full of family.)

The July reading challenge is that July is vacation month. Read a book about a place that you want to visit, but have not yet visited.I think it's funny that I actually traveled last month and will be traveling next month, but not this month. But there you are. Not to mention this is particularly a challenge for me since I have visited most of the places I want to visit. Hm... Well, this is why we call it a challenge, right?

Okay, so June report.

Some old:
Daddy-Long-Legs - Jean Webster
Danger in the Shadows - Dee Henderson (Not a favorite, favorite, but a fun reread)

Something new:
Major Pettigrew's Last Stand - Helen Simonson
Darcy and Anne - Judith Brocklehurst

Something borrowed:
Please Pass the Guilt - Rex Stout
Becoming Queen - Kate Williams

Something blue:
Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball - Donita K. Paul
The Final Deduction - Rex Stout
Too Many Cooks - Rex Stout

Shakespeare: The World as a Stage - Bill Bryson
The Duggars: 20 and counting - Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar

Besides my old favorites, I particularly liked "Becoming Queen," "The Final Deduction," "Shakespeare," and "The Duggars." "Darcy and Anne," "Too Many Cooks," and "Two Tickets..." were all right.

Happy reading this month!