Thursday, August 19, 2010


So this last month has been really busy and full of lots of stuff. A lot of that stuff has been visiting many of my nieces and nephews. Two of my nieces wanted to hear stories about themselves as babies today, since I was around them a lot for the first few years of their lives. This led to stories of endless sessions of stair-climbing with backpacks, diaper bags, strollers and babies; screaming fits with subsequent arm workouts from bouncing the screaming babies; first words; etc...

I have to share the screaming story because I have a cute music video to go along. So this sweet little niece of mine used to scream and scream and had a very piercing shriek. (The video, by the way, does not do her voice justice.) Her parents finally made a marvelous discovery - when she heard a song that my little brother and his friend had written, she would stop crying. But ONLY for the duration of the song. As soon as it stopped, well... You'll see because when my brother had to make a music video for a class, he decided to use the scream as a way to start off his song.