Friday, June 18, 2010

Hat Pictures

So I said I was going to show you some of the hats I made. I finally found decent models. My first one I found at I thought it turned out really cute.

However, it is a little short for my needs, so I think I will add a couple of rows if I make another one of these.

The next one I tried I found at I want to make this one bigger.

Here is a side view.

Back view:

This one is from Although I used a different flower pattern.

Same hat, bigger head. Hmm... Should have gotten a better picture of the flower. Oh, well.

This one I found at This is the Gulf Shores version.

Side view:

This one is the same, but made with two strands of cotton yarn. Obviously, I did not finish this one off. Please note the hanging yarn near her forehead.

Here it is in pink.

Side view.

Floppy brim, smaller.

I've made a few more, but these are the best so far.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Oh, you lucky, lucky people. The privilege of listening to this. Count your blessings.